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Cheek Liposuction – how to get rid of face fat or chubby cheeks

Liposuction is the technique to overcome your extra fat from any body part which is hard to reduce without following a strict diet and usually, it’s very difficult for most of the people. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get your desire shape of the body. This cosmetic surgery is preferred by more than 5 lakhs individuals every year.

The common areas to get this surgery are thighs, abdomen, arms, chin, and cheeks. However, it can be done in other areas also like ankles, calves, etc.

Nowadays, cheek liposuction is getting so popular to get the face in shape and getting rid of face fat and you’ll get proper details of this here.

What you should know about Cheek liposuction?

It is a procedure to eliminate extra fat cells from your cheeks equally to give a cool shape to your face. The results will take time to be seen when the swelling goes down. It is mainly done to contour the jawline so that the face looks slimmer.

Cheek Liposuction - how to get rid of face fat or chubby cheeks

Cheek Liposuction – how to get rid of face fat or chubby cheeks

The mechanism of cheek liposuction is the same as it is done on other body parts. There are various cosmetic surgeries such as facelift which is used to tighten the facial skin which loosens up and cheek liposuction can also be done along with such surgeries also.

Mechanism of Cheek liposuction

Liposuction is generally an outpatient process which means a patient can get discharged on the same day of surgery which can be completed in an hour.

Your surgeon will first mark the lines on your face with a pen for better directions and inject some anesthesia in your cheeks so that you’ll not feel the pain.

Then, the small incisions will be made to insert the vacuum tube. To liquefy the fat cells, the surgeon will do one of the techniques such as:

  • Ultrasound Liposuction: For which sound waves are used to melt the fatty tissues and to produce this energy a small tube is inserted to the cheeks.
  • Tumescent Liposuction: For this, an injection is injected in the cheeks which contains saline water along with anesthesia so that tissues get a breakdown to remove easily.
  • Laser Liposuction: In this, a laser fiber is inserted in the area so that the energy can melt the fat cells.

When cannula which is a small vacuum tube is inserted into the cheeks then a small suction device is added to it to suck the melted fat.

What about the recovery of Cheek liposuction?

Immediate after the surgery, when the anesthesia gets dissolved then you’ll feel some swelling and soreness on your cheeks which will be demolished with time. To get rid of this swelling fast, you have to wear a compression garment that will be over your head and cover your neck and jawline to maintain the pressure and your skin gets tighten.

The whole recovery can be in 4 weeks approx. and you can see the result of your liposuction.

Complications that can happen while Cheek liposuction

Soreness and swelling are the common issues that you have to face after the liposuction but there may be some other things happen that can make your case complicated.

If you are choosing any of the techniques mentioned above, there are their own risks. And it is not good to have multiple surgeries at a time. Risks like:

  • Notably bleeding while surgery
  • Anesthesia reaction on the body
  • After-effects can be like loose or bumpy skin
  • Marks on skin
  • Injuries of other cells or muscles
  • Seroma which a term used for fluid that can be formed beneath the skin
  • Melted fat tissues can transfer through veins to block other organs

Hence, not to face such miserable conditions you always have to pick an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can handle such issues at a time if occur. Liposuction can cost you nearly $3000 to $4000 on an average but exactly you may get quotes directly from your doctor after the examination of your case.

Remember, this surgery is not covered by the insurance company so you have to pay your own or you may get some offers from your doctor as well as they usually have some financing plans. You just have to ask everything in your consultation meeting so that you can get the desire shape of your face.

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