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Hooked on the Look ( Beauty surgeries)

The way how you look shapes a lot about your personality; indeed, wherever you go for the first time, you are solely reviewed from your physical appearances and the way you smell. It is very important to primp up yourself because; it highly improves your chances of getting a job or a second date from the guy you met on tinder. The advent of technology in the line of beauty had made it easier for people to bloom to their   finest ends. There is no part of your body which you can’t get replaced today.

Hooked on the Look ( Beauty surgeries)

Hooked on the Look ( Beauty surgeries)


If you don’t fancy your small lips anymore, you can opt for lips augmentation: filling procedure that can alter the size of your lips-give it the plumpness you want. If your butt doesn’t make you proud of yourself, you can uplift them. There are varieties of surgical and non-surgical procedures out in the market that can honestly make you feel like a deity or a model you thrive to look so bad from your favorite Sunday magazine but, choosing the one and why can make a huge impact in your life.

“Hook on the look” is the name what suits for the, extent of   insanity people blindly follows, just to look their best. There are multiple stories you can find it on your phones about, how a girl got her ribs removed just to look like a living Barbie doll. A family where the mother persuaded her all daughters to get their boobs implanted because she and her daughters think, it’s a woman’s biggest asset and they should flaunt it. It would be no surprise to hear if, Americans spent around $750 millions in 2016   on their beauty surgeries and fillers. However, done it in a right way, it can make you the best of yourself.

A study says that if you are confidence about you look; you can perform better at your workplace and help you score better grades. Asked to people attending a group therapy session, most of them said if they look their best they feel happier. Hence, primping up is not bad for people who want to get boost up their confidence and cope up with their emotions. A   lot of women prefer abdominoplasty –or a tummy tuck. It removes the loose fat and tightens your muscles and gives you a toned and flat abdomen. It has its benefits. The former one, it removes the excess fat again, second, it helps in reducing   the stretch marks too – which are an embarrassment for a lot of women and cause that let down their confidence; and last, it helps in maintaining a good body posture as well.
abdominoplasty - laser liposuctionsurgery

abdominoplasty – laser liposuctionsurgery

Therefore, it is very important for people to choose wisely, if they want to undergo any of the beauty procedures. If we weight the negatives and the positives of beauty surgeries, negative wins the race. A wrong procedure can put you under greater risk. Justin Jedlica -“The Human Ken Doll”; has gone through exactly 300 cosmetic procedures which includes lips augmentation, nose jobs, butt uplifts, ribs removal procedure and others. Asked in an interview about his procedures he said “it is a very excruciating journey”.
Justin Jedlica

Justin Jedlica – Pic credit- Daily Mail

He added sometimes, it gets very painful and my body makes me cry. There is a very slight chance that the beauty surgeries that you go through today won’t have any repercussions tomorrow. Talking about the risks of abdominoplasty , a lot of people have complained about the loss of color of their skin, poor wound healing ,bleeding ,fluid accumulations and infections. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a talk with multiple surgeons about the risks and benefits   before undergoing any procedure and do your own research as well.

Life is not something you can pawn with. There are other natural therapies that can help you to look your best, such as oil massaging, Jacuzzi for the skin and etc. Skin you hate today might want get it back tomorrow. The shape of the nose for you cry so hard is making you cry even harder to get it back. It is very likely that if u get one beauty surgery, you might opt for another. Be wise, Make the best choice. Give your health the first priority. Beware; don’t get on the hook for the look.

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