Laser Liposuction


Lipoma is form of soft tissue tumor which comprises of adipose tissue. They are painless, movable and can be touch too. They are mainly common in adults between the age group of 40 and 60. Small Lipoma can comprise itself to form a big structure closely to six centimeter. Lipoma is found in adults but can be seen in children too. Lipoma can get malignant too. The different types of Lipoma are:



More or less one percent of the total population has Lipoma. They can appear in the body at any time. Lipoma is not hereditary. Unless the Lipoma gets painful and it restricts movement, surgery is required. Otherwise there is no need to operate the lipomas.

Lipoma is not cancerous or dangerous. Lipoma may multiply itself and grow huge. At times lipoma is infected and it spoils the body movement.

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