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LIPOSUCTION AND BODY IMAGE “perfect” is never ending

Looks like, the demand to enhance one’s looks and accentuate anything to do to make one’s body “perfect” is never ending. From Botox to lip filler treatments, from butt lifts procedures to eyebrow tinting, from cosmetic surgeries to hair transplants, beauty industry has come a long way. The evolution of this industry is directly proportional to the growth in the number of transformation that an everyday person demands. It’ll be cliched and stereotypical to say that only females are going gaga over these super exciting trends. Males are equally coming forth to experiment and embrace the upcoming trends in the market.
liposuction - body image - perfect never ending

liposuction – body image – perfect never ending

Embracing any trend is fine and so is to experiment with one’s looks and body. However, what is to be considered is the influence of superficial and unrealistic expectations on us. The high standards set by models, actors and these days, social media influencers – as we call them, is getting on our nerves. Consciously or subconsciously, we are getting affected by the perfect curvy body, shapely eyebrows and the coveted pout. There is no harm in trying different beauty related trends but their side effects are what one should be wary of.

One such trend which is worth the hype and hence is addressed here is ‘Liposuction’. If u have had enough of gym, cardio or any other form of exercise and the result is fruitless for you, then Liposuction is something that you should hear about. Liposuction is the removal of excess fat through surgery. Called by various names such lipoplasty, liposculpture suction, lipectomy, or simply lipo is a boon for the ones who want to attain the results without really making hard efforts about it. It is an easy way out for all the lazy ones. If you are ready to splurge and get the results, the go for it and ask liposuction cost!!!

It can be used all over in the body-neck, chin, back, arms and the most stubborn fat-the belly fat. Cannula- a hollow instrument is inserted in the area concerned and the fat is removed. It is then facilitated by a high vacuum pressure and the fat is eliminated.

After getting hugely popular in the countries like the USA, Liposuction is widely gaining popularity in India as well. It’s like a cheat work out for all the males and females who despise the deadly word-E.X.E.R.C.I.S.E. It is to be noted and carefully remembered that it is a cosmetic or beauty procedure and not a health procedure. The two of them shouldn’t be confused. It may result into affecting health conditions, depending from person to person.  So if you are looking for health benefits, the procedure is not for you.

The body image can take a drastic transformation and improve the overall appearance of a person and can spell magic. Also, the fat cell removal procedure is a permanent solution if you are ready to maintain a healthy lifestyle after it.

But just like anything lucrative and easy comes with a flip side, similarly, this procedure also has a con. So here comes the catch! The fat cells can grow bigger in size if one loses interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and going back to the same old lazy adaptations. Other than this major risk, there are few minor risks involved too. Again depending from person to person-scarring, numbness, infection or dents may appear in the skin. The risks are directly related to the amount of cells removed.

Your ideal body type can be easily achieved if you go for this procedure. Having said so, it is always advisable to go for the hard earned yet healthy way. The route may be long but it can lead to an eternal healthy living and blissful lifestyle.

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