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Liposuction For Men Surgery & Cost of Male Lipo

Men usually desire athletic body shape with broad chest area and shoulders, flat abdomen, and strait hip thighs part. But in males’ body fat usually form in areas like abdomen, love-handle, face or chest. And to eliminate these fat cells, they also choose liposuction surgery like women. It is designed for both the genders by which they can look attractive which they are unable to do with hard diet and exercise.

In contrast with women, men obtain more successful cases due to their skin elasticity that is greater as compared to females. And the fat cells under the skin become more rigid along with the vascular look. These are the reasons why men liposuction is more effective. In the case of loose skin, men can opt for the option of skin removal surgery along with liposuction to tighten the skin and eliminate the fatty tissues.

Men Liposuction Surgery

Men Liposuction Surgery

A fit body and good physic are the desire of all the men, but some can’t just do heavy work-out, and following a strict diet can also be a problem. There are some stubborn fat cells that can’t break down with normal physical work-out, and become the problematic thing for men as this is the wish of them so that the opposite gender can get allured towards them. As no one likes pocket of fat around the abdomen or loose skin around the chest. To overcome this issue, many males think about cosmetic surgery.

Mind it, that it’s not a weight loss solution at all. This is only to provide a good shape to your body. Following are the common body parts, that men used to get fat early and need a liposuction surgery:

  • Thighs which can be inner or outer
  • Abdomen and around the back
  • Armpits
  • Face including chin and neck
  • Buttocks

Else, it can be done on any part of the body and also can be indulged in other cosmetic surgeries like male chest reduction.

Some risks are there which you should ask your surgeon prior to the surgery and check if all the facilities are there in case of emergency.

How you’ll feel and take benefit from liposuction for men?

  • It can give you the motivation to change your lifestyle to live better in the future.
  • You’ll feel more confident when anything you wear will suit you.
  • It will increase the feeling among you.

The procedure of liposuction for men

The procedure is similar to the female liposuction but the duration of surgery is quite more than female’s surgery. The reason behind this is the cells that are more solid and takes extra time to get melted unlike in the case of women.
Initially, the anesthesia is given to you via injection to make you unconscious while the operation. Now the technique which is used to liquefy the fat tissues will be decided prior to the surgery which can be Ultrasound, Tumescent, or Laser. These 3 methods are different than you and your surgeon will select by discussion and examining your case.

Then, a small incision is made to insert the tube called cannula for the suction process of cells and it is vacuumed by the device that is fixed on the tube.

Immediate after the surgery, a compression band or a garment will be wrapped around the treated area. Why this is? To prevent the bruising and to generate the pressure on that area.

After the surgery, what exactly you can see?

Right after the operation, there would be swelling all around that body part and you’ll not able to see the results of surgery. It can be a bit painful as the effect of anesthesia is only for 24 hours.

Your surgeon can provide you some medicines like antibiotics and painkillers so that the risk of getting an infection can be lessened down. It will take nearly a month when you’ll see the actual shape of yours after the surgery.

Cost of male liposuction

It is quite expensive than female liposuction because the work is more and it takes time also. So, this cosmetic surgery of any part is costly whatever technique you are choosing. And it starts from $3000 for a small part and can be till $10,000 or more. It depends on the clinic and experience of doctors too.

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