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Vision Correction With Laser Eye Surgery - Better Choice

Orginal Article Written By Max
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Laser Eye Surgery

Vision Correction With Laser Eye Surgery The use of laser as the equipment of choice for use in the treatment of medical ailments and surgeries is increasing in different spheres of medical profession as the recommended alternative. Today laser eye surgery is a recommended method of correcting vision related problems. Laser eye operation is a procedure to correct one’s vision.

Popular types of laser eye surgeries

There are several kinds of laser eye surgeries available today, although the most popular is Lasik (Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis); others are Lasek (laser epithelial keratomileusis) and PRK laser surgery. Laser surgery was developed in 1990s and since then its use in the correction of vision related problems has been on the increase, thereby rendering the use of glasses and contact lenses unnecessary.

Laser eye surgery: How does it work?

All the different kinds of laser eye surgeries mentioned above involve using sophisticated equipments to perform eye operations, to reshape, remodel and achieve vision correction. Unlike most laser procedures, laser eye surgery does not apply heat in treatment, rather it vaporises the tissue without causing damage to the surroundings. The Lasik procedure involves cutting open a thin flap on the eye, folding it back to enable the laser work on the eye by reshaping and remodelling it. After this operation, the thin flap is replaced to its original position and allowed enough time to heal. Over eighty percent of all the laser eye surgery carried out in the USA and Europe are Lasik laser eye surgical procedure. The reason for this being a popular procedure is its faster recovery time and also it is more convenient. 

However, for some patients, the Lasek procedure will be more appropriate, especially those with thin corneas. Lasek procedure involves lifting the epithelial layer before reshaping and remodelling, while PRK laser eye surgery procedure involves scrapping away the top layer of the cornea to perform the same operation.

The axiomatic statement: Change your vision, change your life, literally speaking applies to laser eye surgery for it is a life changing decision. While the eye should never be taken for granted due to its delicate nature and dire consequences that might result, but the lure to achieve a 20/20 vision is highly irresistible especially for one who has been battling eye problems since childhood.

Laser eye surgery: Cost

Getting a laser eye surgery involves cost. Apart from the monetary aspect of the surgery which varies from country to country, and from surgeon to surgeon, others factors that might affect cost are the equipments used and the amount of time involved. Altogether, the cost should be in the region of $1200 per eye. 

Not every one can get a laser eye surgery. The age of the patient is a determining factor, below 21 is not recommended; expectant mothers are not advised to undergo laser eye surgical treatment; also certain medical conditions make it impossible to undergo laser surgery. Of the available options how do you decide? Your personal eye physician has an important part to play in the decision. He can help you make the right decision and contact the suitable laser eye surgeon and also with other formalities. However, getting yourself properly educated about the process and what it involves is the best preparation you can make.

With Laser eye surgery tasks such as driving, reading, pains and itches from glasses, lost contact lens and so many others will be things of the past.

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Original Article Written
by Max