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Treatment Options for Lipoma Removal

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Lipoma Removal - Treatment Options for Lipoma

Various treatment options for Lipoma Removal Lipoma is nothing but a non cancerous (benign) growth in the human body which generally occurs below the skin. By and large, Lipoma is a collection of fat cells. In most cases, it will be little firm than normal fat. Lipoma is generally small and cannot be detected until it grows. It can grow to large size which may cause a person to be uncomfortable or hold up their regular daily movements. With its fast growth, Lipoma can destroy the adjacent cells and make them dead.

Large or Multiple Lipomas

Multiple Lipomas can often be seen more in men as compared to women. As the cause for the growth of Lipomas is not yet known, researchers feel that there must be some genetic link for the growth of Lipomas in a patient’s body. Lipomas can be formed in any area in the body. In most cases, Lipomas won't grow large. If they grow in size and cause discomfort for the people, they should be removed from the body with the help of surgical treatment called as Lipoma Removal Surgery.

Types of treatments for Lipoma removal

Mostly there are two types of treatments for Lipoma removal from the body. These include both surgery and non surgery based treatments. In the first method of Lipoma removal, a steroid is injected into the Lipoma directly. As a result the steroid slowly shrinks the fatty tissue and kills the cells. These steroids are injected into the body only one time in a month. So, in some cases it will be a very long process and takes some time, may be some weeks or months, for the lipoma to shrink. In the next step, after the lipoma shrinks it is completely removed from the affected area of the body, thereby eliminating the Lipoma from the body.

The other process of eliminating lipoma just resembles the treatment undertaken during liposuction. In this treatment, the help of local anesthesia is taken so that a fibre is inserted into the lipoma and removed. Nevertheless, for the removal of lipoma from the body this treatment will not work effectively if the size of the lipoma is big. For large size lipomas, Lipoma Removal Surgery is the best option.

For small size lipomas the surgery is carried out by the doctor just in a day’s time using the help of local anesthesia. In this process there is no need for the patient to stay in the clinic for longer duration. He/ she can be discharged from the clinic the same day the surgery is performed. The recovery time will also be fast in this Lipoma removal treatment.

However if the Lipomas are large and fat, the person should be admitted as inpatient to the clinic. Thereafter surgery should be performed for the removal of lipoma. In this lipoma removal surgery, general anesthesia is used. There will be more hurdles and complications if the size of the lipoma is large. The main complication is that surgeon should take adequate care not to tear apart muscles and nerves of the patient which may lead to other surgery. These situations take place only when large Lipoma has grown into the nerves. The other common problems are bruising and little infection as a result of the lipoma removal surgery. Patients should also take care about choosing the experienced and skillful Lipoma Removal Surgeons to overcome all these complications and achieve lipoma free state of body.

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Original Article Written
by Max