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What is Lipoma - Types of Lipoma

Orginal Article Written By Max
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Lipoma - a soft tissue tumor

Lipoma - a soft tissue tumor Lipoma is form of soft tissue tumor which comprises of adipose tissue. They are painless, movable and can be touch too. They are mainly common in adults between the age group of 40 and 60. Small Lipoma can comprise itself to form a big structure closely to six centimeter.


Lipoma: the unwanted Fat Tissues beneath Your Skin
Mostly found in middle aged people, Lipoma basically is a gentle tumor that grows slowly in the subcutaneous tissue underneath the skin of a person. And till the time, they grow up to a relatively large size they are very small and thus cannot be seen with naked eyes. Once visible, they can be touched and felt like rubbery, soft, and doughy ball beneath the skin. In most of the cases, these are found on neck, arms, back and shoulders. But this doesn’t mean that they do not appear on other parts of the body. Though, both men and women have equal chances of Lipoma occurrence, but according to reports, till now Lipoma are more commonly seen in men. Well, the cause of Lipoma is still a mystery. According to several experts, these are genetic. There is a possibility that Lipoma tend to run in families. Moreover, if an injury take place and it hits the already affected area where there is a small growth of Lipoma, then this can trigger its growth further.

Lipoma doesn’t look good on a human’s body so getting them removed is an open option. But a good thing about Lipoma is that these are non-cancerous. To whatever extent they grow, they do not become cancerous and therefore their removal is not necessary. They actually don’t even have a link with any kind of health problem and they don’t even represent one. But still, in very rare cases, they sometimes can cause pain to the person or can make him feel tender. So for such individuals, surgical removal of Lipoma is the best way out, as this way they can efficiently and permanently get rid of it.

Additionally, Lipoma sometimes can become reddened or infected. If the person having Lipoma feel a discharge with a foul smell, then he should immediately get it removed because such kind of Lipoma can threaten his health in future. Well, till now there does not exist any kind of treatment to prevent Lipoma but yes if it grows to a certain height and makes it difficult for a person to function properly then the only way to get rid of it, is to get it removed.

Depending upon the location in which Lipoma develop, there exist different names for it. Like those Lipoma that develop on the arms or chest of young adults are known as AngioLipoma. Such kind of Lipoma not only consists of fatty or adipose tissues, but they also contain complex vascular structures. And this is the reason that they create a feeling of highly discomfort to the patient. Such Lipoma seeks immediate removal.
Some other kinds of Lipoma include Conventional Lipoma, FibroLipoma, myelolopoma, Pleomorphic Lipoma and Spindle cell Lipoma. FibroLipoma are a mixture of fatty and fibrous tissues and these can develop anywhere in the body. Lipoma mostly develops in and around the mouth and anywhere throughout the gastrointestinal tract. This is the reason that they can cause lymphedema and nerve compression to the patient and therefore this kind of Lipoma has been commonly associated with hemorrhage.

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Original Article Written
by Max