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Liposuction was initially discovered in France and was a long and painful procedure which involved and was limited to the body parts where blood vessels were limited to avoid major blood loss. With time liposuction techniques evolved and today we have much simpler ways of performing the surgery. The surgery now has become so non-invasive that the patient is discharged within a few hours of surgery itself.



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Laser Liposuction Surgery Gives Maximum Results At Minimum Risk

Cosmetic surgery is no longer a lifestyle choice of the celebrities. With so many choices and options available, these days many people far from the celebrity status are going for cosmetic surgery to improve how they look and with that how they feel about themselves. Liposuction near me is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures as it leads to removal of that fat from your body which you find difficult to lose through exercise or diet.


There are many techniques available today, and the decision of the technique will depend on various factors like where the treatment needs to be done and your medical history. This decision will usually be taken by the physician after a detailed examination of your records and what you are looking for as a result of liposuction.


One of the most commonly used techniques these days is laser liposuction. In this technique, fiber-optic lasers are used. Heat from these lasers is used at different wavelengths to melt fat. Once the fat is melted it is sucked out in the usual manner. It is different from the usual technique in the way the fat is treated.

Advantages of laser liposuction

  • It is less invasive compared to other techniques.
  • As it is less invasive the bruising and swelling are less compared to other techniques, it helps patients recover quickly. This also reduces the risk of infection after surgery.
  • The laser technique also increases the production of collagen in the skin which leads to skin tightening. Due to this the amount of skin sagging decreases in the patient after the surgery and the patient gets a more defined shape.
  • Can be performed on almost all body parts.
  • It is an FDA approved procedure

Disadvantages or risks around of laser liposuction

  • It is a fairly new technique and hence you may not find many experienced surgeons for this.
  • In the hands of inexperienced surgeons, burns can be caused to the skin or internal organs.

Laser liposuctions costs in America can range anywhere from $1500 to $5000. However, this is just a range and depending on various other factors cost may vary. Like a resident of New York may have to pay much more for an experienced surgeon than a resident of a smaller and less pricey city. The price you pay will also depend on how much area is being covered for fat removal.

Care after laser liposuction is similar to any other cosmetic surgery like:

  1. Take your medication on time.
  2. Where the compression garments as suggested by the physician
  3. Change the compression garments daily as there may be fluid leaking from your body, so you must change into clean set daily.
  4. Do not enter still water for a period of time as suggested by the physician.
  5. Showering may be allowed after twenty-four hours, but, care should be taken not to scrub the wounds too much. It is best to do a wet towel wipe of these areas.
  6. Watch out for any signs of infection. Even though in laser technique the incisions are very small and less still they need to be monitored.
  7. This is not a weight loss surgery, so if after the surgery you do not start living a healthy lifestyle you will start gaining weight again. So build a good diet and exercise regimen and follow it to get long term results.

Keeping all these things in mind and with a good surgeon to guide you, laser liposuction can help you get into shape and find more confidence with the new look you have.


Laser Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is a great way to get the body of your desired shape as far as you understand what it exactly means and what you will get. Followed by a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime you can maintain the shape for a very long time.