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Liposuction before and after complications - Liposuction Side Effects

Orginal Article Written By Max
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Liposuction before and after complications - Liposuction Side Effects

Liposuction before and after complications The removal of the fatty lumps within the skin and the flesh of the body are called liposuction. This is a permanent way to remove fat from the body. However there are few complications here. Firstly, two weeks prior to the surgery few things must be avoided. They are: intake of aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin E, alcohol, and all tobacco products.


Liposuction Side effects
  Liposuction is a quite beneficial cosmetic surgery for all those who want to remove that extra fat from their body but then at the same time, like other cosmetic surgeries, it also comes with possible side effects. A person undergoing this treatment to achieve a slim and smooth body should be better prepared of facing few liposuction risks such as scars, bruises and swelling. These are some of the most common side effects of liposuction. Besides these, there exist few other side effects also that are not common for all. Like, in case of women, though it is possible to conceive after Liposuction but according to doctors, either women should go for this treatment when they are assured that they don’t want to have baby any more else they should wait for at least eight to twelve months to let the entire impact of this treatment get over and should then plan a baby.
  With so many renowned cosmetic hospitals and clinics and with so many experienced and skilled surgeons existing these days, there exist so many different liposuction options that depending upon one’s requirement and affordability, a patient can choose among the best one. A good thing about Liposuction surgeons is that in advance only they ensure to clear few basic points about the procedure to their patients. Whether it is the cost or the recovery time, techniques involved or side effects; they try to make them aware of every good and bad thing about the technique.
  Though liposuction is a safe procedure but still it is associated with some of the basic and natural side effects.


Let’s have a look at some of the common liposuction side effects:-
Liposuction Swelling: - It is known as one of the major liposuction complications. Like all other invasive cosmetic surgeries, liposuction can be also be sometimes followed by considerable swelling. A little bit of post-liposuction swelling is foreseeable in some cases.
Liposuction Bruises: - Though this side effect of liposuction is a minor one but then it causes a little pain over those tender areas of the patient. It occurs for a very short period of time and generally vanishes after a month or so. It totally depends upon the type of technique that a cosmetic surgeon has used to perform this surgery. However, Bruising could be easily minimized soon after.
Dimpling: - When fat is removed from a particular area of the body, there occur some sort of skin dimpling. And in case, an individual gets lots of fat removed then the skin gives an ugly and lumpy appearance. So it is always considerable to get it done from a reliable and renowned surgeon.
Scars: - Sometimes, scars can also come into notice following a liposuction procedure. These are generally an inch or two long, but these vanish in a couple of week’s time.
Thrombophlebitis: - It is basically the inflammation over your veins. It most of the times happen when the liposuction surgery is performed on your upper thigh region. But again, it settles down in couple of weeks.
Discomfort: - Lastly, following liposuction, you might face some kind of discomfort along with some provisional numbness on the surgically treated regions.


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Original Article Written
by Max