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Non invasive liposuction - an alternative way to surgical liposuction

Orginal Article Written By Max
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Non invasive liposuction - an alternative way to surgical liposuction

Non invasive liposuction Non invasive liposuction is also possible. Different techniques are used for Non invasive liposuction.

Generally known as a surgical procedure, liposuction is widely depicted as the most effective and reliable treatment for body sculpting. Although, it is among the most widely accepted procedure, yet it comes with an array of risks. Besides, the medical treatment is linked with long recovery times and afflicting pain for the patient post getting the procedure. However, with the advancement of medical science, there are myraid alternate procedures for liposuction available today. These procedures are discerned to be less invasive and comparatively more effective. The best part is that it is not linked to risks, unlike the conventional liposuction process.
A widely used non invasive liposuction alternative process, which makes the use of a heated laser, is called Thermage. The process works by contracting collagen, thereby warding off the unwanted fat from the respective part of the body. Widely used for facial skin tightening, the procedure can however be opted for fat removal from other parts of the body as well. Known as a reliable and effective type of non invasive liposuction, Thermage delivers no pain-staking days to the patient.
Yet another procedure known after Thermage is the Lipo Dissolve procedure. The process involves the usage of micro-injections of enzymes along with mild doses of medications, which are injected under the skin of the affected patient. The material adminsitered under the skin works to dissolve the extra fat of the body and face. Post the administration of the LipoDissolve procedure, the injections gradually works to make the fat loose untill it completely liquefies. The liquefied fat is then eliminated from the body of the affected person in the form of urine.
However, the above procedure is generally suggested and serves best to those patients, who do not want to opt for surgery or looking for some other treatment rather than surgical operation. In addition, doctors recommend the LipoDisslove treatment for patients having small areas of accumulated fat. This technique is medically recommended safe and effective for all parts of the body including the face and neck. Another, positive effect associated with the treatment is that it is effective in lowering cellulite.
Widely accepted by both doctors and patients in South America and Europe, Mesotherapy is deemed to similar results to that of traditional liposuction without the getting under the knife. The procedure makes use of medications, holistic compounds and amino acids that are administered under the fatty tissue. The injected substance dissolves the underlying fat in the skin and the body and then eliminates same from the entire body. Mesotherapy is mostly opted for the treatment of cellulite as makes the skin smooth. Besides, the procedure also is supported with lesser recovery times as compared to all the other available options of treatment.
Next good option to serve the affected patients is device named VelaShape. It basically gives a good shape and slim figure to the body by reducing cellulite in the body. This device generates infrared light with the help of a gentle massager and some radiofrequency waves, which effectively works on the elimination of fats from the body. One can notice the results of this device within only 4 sessions.
Non invasive liposuction procedures have become choices of today, thanks to growing technology and progress in the medical industry.

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Original Article Written
by Max