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Plastic surgery gone wrong before and after - Your Choice

Orginal Article Written By Max
posted by admin

Plastic surgery gone wrong before and after

Plastic surgery gone wrong Plastic surgery is always safe and successful. Only on a very bad day, things can go wrong. The cases where plastic surgery has gone wrong are rare. Still let’s have a look on where thing can go wrong.

If it is a minor case then probably, you will have a long recovery of a swelling. But in case of a serious problem the following can happen:

    • Leakage or hardening of implants
    • Reactions to medicine or anesthesia
    • Slippage of implants
    • Drooping, disproportionate or asymmetrical breasts
    • Extensive scarring and possibly disfigurement
    • Too much skin removed
    • Death
    • Nerve, tissue, muscle or organ damage

In general, there is no such complication in a plastic surgery. But at any time the surgery can go wrong. In most of the cases, there will be a bit of swelling which will take time to recover.


On a very bad scenario, the look after the Plastic Surgery will be worse than before. Hence it is advisable to do the surgery from a certified place and from a certified surgeon. The plastic surgery also depends on the body’s reaction to the foreign element. There can be a bit of breathing problem after the surgery too.
Once the surgery goes wrong, a lot of complication comes forth. At times you might have to fight a legal battle too. In a worst case scenario, you might not look better than you looked earlier. Hence trust, only certified plastic surgeries or try few natural methods too.


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Original Article Written
by Max