Laser Liposuction

Fetched dream with the idea of liposuction – Perfecting the body shape

Who doesn’t want to achieve that body to die for? I mean, who doesn’t? I certainly do.  For that I eat healthy, workout, try to cut on my sugar and what not. But still the fat which is so not wanted keeps coming back like an unwanted guest. It not only hampers your morale of getting into the perfect shape but ruins the efforts involved. Though the mantra which everyone swears by is cardio, weights and a balanced diet but a good substitute for these three is also is doing the rounds these days. The substitute is none other than Liposuction.

Liposuction can help a long way in perfecting the body shape contouring paunch, waist, thighs and even the “bra bulge” which I’m sure is dreaded by almost all women these days. Even the chiseled chin and that oh so perfect jaw line is not a far fetched dream with the idea of liposuction.



Amazing things eh! But before you get carried away with all things nice, it is important to also hear the not so nice things. So let us also consider the side effects of liposuction. To begin with, it is a cosmetic procedure or surgical treatment just like any other operation. Precautions are bound to follow like any other surgery. The risks increase if the percentage of body treated is more. Liposuction may be followed by pain in some cases, temporary or chronic depending from person to person and their endurance to bear the same.

In some cases, laser liposuction may bring re-distribution of fat which further results into weight gain. Scarring, bruising, infection are other disadvantages of getting your lipid sucked out of your body. Recuperation of the same, again depends on the lifestyle, care and immediate follow up remedies to heal them. Swelling is another drawback which may leave one in a dilemma about this cosmetic procedure.

Fluid imbalance-a rare condition though, may impact one and the excess fluid can get accumulated in a specific area resulting into serious problems like heart, lungs or kidney ailments.

Minor side effects like feeling restless, anxious or even drowsy are to be noted. The effect of anesthesia, again varies from person to person. From numbness to twitching or convulsion due to the use of lidocaine, a drug that numbs the skin.  Some abnormal deformities or scars may also form which may or may not fade with time. Moreover, liposuction may increase the risk of infections and clots.

Another side effect which may be a cause of worry is that after the procedure if a healthy lifestyle is not maintained, the fat cells may return in abundance, leading to weight gain which further results in loose and saggy skin. The skin should ideally recover and regain its firmness within 4-6 months, failing to which a further surgery is needed, which is a major challenge in itself.

Few cases of liposuction have also recorded shock leading to cardiac arrest (aarthi agarwal) and death as its side effects. Therefore, It becomes mandatory for the client who is getting or wants to get liposuction done to consult a certified plastic surgeon and get proper checkup done before getting under the knife or even better, cannula. Remember, liposuction is not a replacement for healthy workout and not everyone should go for it.

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